This Place

An interactive journal exploring the Oregon Coast.

Following on the heels of The Build film, we wanted to continue to experiment with the boundaries of storytelling. We dreamt up a thoughtful, nuanced and free-form narrative — one that challenged us to figure out how to release it over time and across several platforms.


Our latest passion project, This Place, explores the richly cultured Pacific Northwest coastline with photography, a short film and clips that make up an interactive photo journal. To feel its magic, we sought out a few who cherish it in different ways and for different reasons.



To us, the Oregon Coast is beautiful and intriguing. We wondered how those who live and work there would describe their innate attraction and complex relationship with the Coast.


After weeks of research with diverse groups of people along the Coast, we began to understand that while personal experiences differed from person to person, the thread of appreciation wove them all together. From writers, fishermen, local business owners, tourists, teachers, students, environmentalists, surfers and true "coasties," they have all chosen this sometimes fickle landscape.

Our approach to production matched the spontaneity and pace of the Coast itself. We planned a quick and agile documentary-style shoot with only a few pre-planned characters and locations. 


A small crew played multiple roles with limited equipment — all ready to shoot at a moment's notice. We road tripped for a week and talked to people in the small towns, filming along the way (often out of the car). Our collaborators went above and beyond (often volunteering their time and expertise) to achieve the exact look and feel we were hoping for.


Read more about our process at


To get on our viewers' radar pre-launch and to drive to the website throughout the project, we developed strategy that took advantage of Instrument's own social channels. We challenged our followers with an Instagram teaser campaign to think about what "place" meant to them. Without revealing This Place, we reposted the most memorable images with the hashtag #thisplace.


As a foundation for the This Place experience, we launched the site with the centerpiece film that we believe captures the Oregon Coast's sense of beauty. Additional short vignette videos, slideshows, quotes and sound clips add depth and character to the film.

To keep viewers engaged, we rolled out new "chapters" each week with new perspectives related the each location. We announced each chapter on social, encouraging repeat visitation and ongoing engagement.

Recognizing that people would jump from our social channels to the site, we streamlined the experience for mobile. Viewers were encouraged to simply watch the film or swipe through photos from each chapter. All assets were optimized for easy loading.


Our intentionally experimental social campaign released more than 300 unique text, photo and video assets over the course of four weeks. All the channels worked to bring the overarching story to life — narrative storytelling on Instagram, episodic videos on Facebook and quote-based tweets on Twitter.

To include followers in the story, a "Weekend Adventures" challenge celebrated those who joined us by tagging their images with #thisplace.


This Place drew viewers into the experience, creating emotional connections to a place we hold dear. Our social strategy amplified the launch and sustained momentum throughout the release of all five chapters. We experimented and played and ultimately learned new ways to tell good, honest stories.


We couldn’t have done it without the help of Instrument friends and family.

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