Google Search App

The Google Search App is the best way to search the web from a mobile device. We worked with Google to spread the word.

Getting people to try new apps (and keep using them) is always a difficult job. When it comes to altering how they search on their phones and tablets, it's even harder. The main ways people were searching was in the browser of their choice, or by using apps built to accomplish one task (e.g. to find a nearby restaurant). Google asked us to show people how the Google Search App was built for search and as a gateway to all of Google's other apps, all in an effort to increase downloads and usage.

Apps Spot


We created two display ads centered around the idea of the Search App being, "Search All in One" -- meaning that, in one simple step, you can get to search and everything Google. The visual cues reference movie times, sports scores, weather and other services Google provides.

Utility Knife Spot

We concepted, designed and animated the ads to show all the possibilities inside the Google Search App.The first ad shows how many apps are combined (or easily replaced) with the Search App and the second likens the app to a utility knife.


Amie Pascal, Bethany Larson


Zech Bard


Matt Sundstrom, Nando Costa, JD Hooge


Evan Gütt, Tim Kviz, Brian Kinkley


  • Art Direction
  • Motion Design
  • Illustration
  • Production


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