The Chosen

With a major push into the world of action sports, Nike asked us to help define “Just Do It” for a new generation of sports and athletes with a global digital campaign.

Nike had made a major push into the world of Action Sports, with a team of Global athletes supporting a large product line across multiple sports. Now it was time to redefine "Just Do It" for a new generation.

A major TV spot was in production and Nike needed a partner to deliver a global digital campaign that would not only live up to the "Just Do It" mantra, but activate and elevate everyday athletes in Surf, Skate and BMX.

How It Works


Instrument engaged with Nike for a thorough period of discovery and concepting, out of which was born "The Chosen", the first ever global social media campaign from any Nike brand. Instrument was tasked with designing, building, launching and managing the global digital campaign, ensuring its spread and ultimate success over social media and live events.


To build anticipation for the campaign kickoff, we first created a site that counted down the seconds to the new "Just Do It" commercial. It featured Paul Rodriguez, Danny Kass, Julian Wilson, Laura Enever and other Nike action sports athletes pulling tricks at the world's greatest surf, skate and BMX spots around the world. Our roll out on Facebook ensured a globally-coordinated effort involving over 20 Facebook pages in 15 regions. Over 1 million people watched the latest Nike commercial via Facebook and commented live, bringing "Just Do It" to the social experience for the first time.



As Nike continues to grow their influence in Action Sports, the Chosen Crew Video contest forged ahead from Summer to Winter with a second installment of the Global campaign. This time around the ‘Winter Chosen’ was focused solely on snowboarders and their crews.

Winter Invite

To kick-off the campaign on 12.1, Instrument produced a video to serve as a rallying cry for crews to start shooting and submitting their edits. The teaser was conceived, planned, scripted and eventually shot on location at Mt. Hood and featured Nike Snowboarding team riders Danny Kass and Scotty Lago.


Following up the teaser, Instrument developed and launched a Facebook app and website at to serve as the home of the Chosen campaign. We added yet another piece to the Chosen ecosystem by creating and supporting the Chosen TV app. Chosen TV showcased Nike-curated content and, through a moderation process, highlighted the best 'Noticed!' edits to come through during the competition. Over 500 crews submitted videos in the first round.



We're proud to have played a lead role in launching the year-long Chosen campaign for Nike Action Sports. The Chosen was a critical step forward in connecting the company with its growing fan base in digital and social media in a genuine and authentic way, having grown the brand's Facebook communities from 1 million to over 4 million fans.




Katie Allen, Coryna Sorin, Casey Castro


Justin Lewis, Evan Davies


JD Hooge, Jessie White, Tim Kviz, Zech Bard


Phong Ho, Jared Moran, Paul Farning, Ryan Spangler, Ryan Roemmich, Eric Feigner, Nichole Barrett


Truen Pence, Toby Grubb


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  • Interaction Design
  • Art Direction
  • Filmmaking
  • Development
  • Production


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