Developers Brand Identity

We partnered with Google to evolve their brand identity for developers around the world.

Google had connected with developers for years through the "Google Code" identity and set of development tools, however, they were looking to evolve and mature along with advancements in development and to coalesce the developer community. They were working to rebrand as "Google Developers" and needed a new logo that represented the ideals - information, innovation, and inspiration - and offerings, from events to platforms, under the new identity. With our deep connection to the developer community (hey, we are developers ourselves!), we set out to both reflect and inspire under a united presence.

Final Mark


In crafting this logo, we brought together teams of designers and developers to explore what "open development" means in visual terms. This partnership unlocked new ideas in visualizing the infinite potential of code. The unique cross-collaboration that comes when you combine art and science produced a slew of identities (show below).

The "Google Developers" logo is designed to fit in with Google's family of products and to adapt easily to a broad range of applications, from simple avatars to HTML5 experiments to TV spots. The identity system extends further to a set of sub-brand marks for programs and events.

logo studies


Logo Explorations

g+ page



Amie Pascal


JD Hooge, Shawn Petersen


JD Hooge, Shawn Petersen, Toby Grubb


Ryan Roemmich, Paul Farning, Stefanie Hatcher, Matt King, Nichole Barrett, Brandon Outlaw, Jared Moran, Ryan Spangler, Eric Feigner, Danny McAlerney, Matt Pensworth


  • Digital Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy & Identity
  • Production


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