Kaleidoscope is for lovers of colors, shapes, patterns and things.

It is an interactive visual toy which uses touch on your handheld device to control the output on the screen.

Add shapes! Drag the center around! Select a color scheme! Abstract it! Let it bleed! Enjoy!

Inspired by Andy Gilmore and particles demonstrated in Coffee-Physics.

Technologies include JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas and Local Storage.

Here's a cheat sheet for the top level controls.

Plays the Kaleidoscope. It will animate continuously.
Pauses the Kaleidoscope. Your touch still has the power to move it.
Opens a new tab with an image of the Kaleidoscope you can save.
Turns the Kaleidoscope mirrors on/off.
Off by default.
Pixelates the Kaleidoscope with a geometric pattern.
Let the colors bleed! Shapes will leave fun trails! Off by default, but you should probably turn it on. Most awesome mode.
Color Themes
Opens the drawer of color themes. Theme "0" on by default. Overlap themes when Bleed is enabled.
Pauses the Kaleidoscope and opens an edit drawer of options, including Color Themes. Add shapes! Comes complete with a mystery "?" shape!
Minimizes the menu. Get a better look at the Kaleidoscope!
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  • Developer: Stefanie Hatcher
  • Designer: Dan Schechter
  • Producer: Amie Pascal