Hamburgers and Wes Anderson

We <3 People is a newsletter curated by Colleen Romike and Jason King at Instrument to share research and trends focusing on how people are currently using technology. What you see on this blog is a version of the newsletter, and includes links to interesting articles and inspiring videos. 

This week, we discuss hamburgers, Wes Anderson, and how to be polite. 

iUrban Teen Goes to Work

We recently hosted our second digital creative workshop with iUrban Teen. Back in January, we spent a Saturday afternoon creating digital marketing campaigns together. This time around, fifteen students between 12 and 18 came to work with us and learned side-by-side with our staff.

Instrument Speaks

Last month we hosted "I Wish I Would've Asked That" with Designspeaks, a bold Q&A session with questions sourced from social media about Instrument and the creative industry. "I wish I would've asked that" is what we may have said to ourselves after a great conference or lecture we attended. We were intrigued by this feeling of intellectual regret that lingers after a talk, and wanted to encourage the creative community to ask us anything. 

Instrument x Levi's® Commuter™ Fall 2014 Digital Campaign

Levi’s® Commuter™ is partnering with independent digital creative agency Instrument for their Fall 2014 Commuter™ digital campaign. The campaign celebrates modern bike commuters across the globe, uniting and inspiring them through an original film series and continued partnership with Visual Supply Co (VSCO®). The campaign runs through the end of August. 

Imagining the Future with GE

We recently helped General Electric illustrate their "Next List," a blueprint of six critical areas of research that will change the future. A future made better by brilliant minds and brilliant machines. 

These people rocked the project: Kate Wolf, Matt Sundstrom, Jake Sargent, Kyle Beck, Melissa Showalter, Ravi Mongia and Tina Glengary. 

See the infographic on and learn more about the "Next List" here.

IOTW: Burger Cake for Lynsey

Virginia Vickery (@vinvickery), strategist and copywriter shares a photo of our producer Lynsey and her burger cake. Lynsey, who lead the charge on Google I/O 2014 received this appreciation cake from I/O teammates and developers Stefanie, Thomas, JB, and Ryan. See the photo on Instagram here.

"Instagram of the Week" highlights a photo captured by one of our Instrument employees and tagged #InstrumentOutpost. See more photos at In The Teepee

IOTW: Disrupt your everyday

Tina Le (@tinasnowle), designer and magic maker goes on a secret nighttime mission to add some fun to our everyday. She tied unanswered questions to balloons from our recent Designspeaks "I Wish I Would've Asked" Q&A event so that employees can have their turn answering. They will be shared with everyone soon. Check out Instrument Speaks to see questions that were asked. Tina's image on Instagram here

"Instagram of the Week" highlights a photo captured by one of our Instrument employees. See more photos at In The Teepee

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