iUrban Teen + Instrument

Last Saturday, Instrument teamed up with iUrban Teen to host a digital creative workshop with teens from our community. iUrban teens are underrepresented youth with a desire to learn about technology and gain leadership skills.

Santa Maps Dive

Featured today in Google's Santa Tracker Frozen Village, Pegman dresses as Santa and collects presents, as he skydives through Google Maps, to land at your actual location or other Christmas tree monuments around the world in our new game, Santa Maps Dive.

"This Place" Field Journal: Chapters 4 and 5

This week, we rolled out the remaining two chapters of This Place Journal, meaning Chapters 01 through 05 are fully available, allowing viewers to escape their desks and immerse themselves in an interactive documentation of the Pacific Northwest coastline.

"This Place" Field Journal: Chapter Two and Three

Last Friday, we asked you to engage with This Place by sharing your happy place and the images that came in were exceptional. For those that want to participate in Weekend Adventure this upcoming Friday, tagging your photos #thisplace and @instrument will let you join the visual conversation with This Place. We will share some of our favorite images that are tagged.

"This Place" Field Journal: Chapter One

On November 13, our Labs team launched another labor of love called This Place. While The Build pushed the envelope on emerging web technologies, we set out to make This Place hold its own through storytelling in both the digital and social space. One that can be reshaped to embody any place, any where.

Redefining the way we "Go to Work" (Part 2 of 3)

In Part 1 of the series, we introduced the Levi's® Commuter "Go to Work" campaign. Here in Part 2, we'll provide an inside look at our partnership with Visual Supply Co.

Bike commuting has evolved from a niche activity for a dedicated few to an aspirational pursuit of many. More than getting from Point A to Point B, we see bike commuting as an expression of personal style and creative spirit. The partnership between the Levi's® brand and VSCO captures the essence of this commuter culture movement in America's top cycling cities through a series of photo stories, told through the lens of the some of the most creative mobile photographers.

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