YOUR BROWSER CANNOT RUN THIS EXPERIMENT! It requires the use of the <canvas> tag, which your browser does not support. Please try viewing it with a browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Browser Ball attempts, with only moderate success, to allow the configuration of a seemingly endless array of continuous spaces using multiple overlapping browser windows. Within this multivariate space, users are invited to toss a beach ball both hither and yon. If this sounds like a ridiculous use of everyone's time, that's only because it is.

Clicking the link below spawns the main Browser Ball window, which features two buttons:

  1. Create Window: this will spawn a new child window. You may position and resize each window as you see fit. Browser windows that overlap will become a part of the continuous space in which the beach ball may move.
  2. Reset Ball: sometimes things get a little out of hand and the ball falls off the face of the universe. This is usually my fault. Click the reset button and you'll be okay.

The main window should also have a beach ball. Fling that puppy around. Make neat spaces for the ball to bounce around in. Create complicated layouts that may crash your browser. Have fun.

Launch Browser Ball